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Like every great band, it all started in a basement. For Dr Voy, it was in the «Lizzi» brothers’, from La Louvière in Belgium. After a jam during which Jeff starts a few riffs going through his mind, they decide to form a band. Even if they start with a classic basic rock, the group experiments several genres and seeks for different musicians, going through jazzy and funky phases which don’t suit them.

Once their personality found, these four men embrace creation, ideas, desires which push them to excel to live their passion. They just needed to let this burning personality speak for itself by mixing some Psychedelic Rock spliced style, sounding seventies with a Punk attitude and a Soul spirit. An explosion of different types of music for these men who state not taking it seriously but swear that what they do, they do it seriously. Thoughtful? They are. Audacious? Even more! In fact, it’s thanks to these qualities and to their energy that they get the ball rolling: after a few rehearsals, the group records a first album called « Time Runs Away » and go on a tour to the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. Enough to greatly boost and unit this foursome, marking a turning point in their career.

But Dr Voy doesn’t stop there! It would be too easy. They then come up with the idea to record a song which will appear on the second album with the Jamaican singer Winston McAnuff, who became a close friend rolling on with many concerts. A success since this precise and conscientious group will work on this album in 2008, a year full of concerts. The second album « Kill the Angel » comes to life followed by « That’s All Fake » which will be played on Classic 21 Radio.

However, their success must certainly be related to their latest album « Crazy » and the arrival of the new drummer and bassist, Reg and Rod. They were the missing rhythm to the group. Qualified as « post-modern Classic Rock » by Marc Ysaye on Classic 21, it’s more fierce, stronger, more Rock’n Roll than ever that this new savage and destroy-like album reflects a certain fortitude. Recognized by the Wallonia-Brussels Rock Program since June 2015 thanks to a sample of their last album, Dr Voy sees itself growing and acknowledged by the Rock universe.

Besides, after four albums all self-produced in real Self-made Men, something new and more mature fills up their music. Their songs come from their guts, their spontaneity is inbred and their share with the public, an evidence. This might be why Dr Voy continues to surprise us, album after album, progressing with the flow. Don’t hesitate to check their dates in Gigs.

Line up :

Reg Voy (drum)
Jeff Voy (guitar, song)
Rod Voy (bass)
Vince Voy (guitar and choirs)





Crazy (EP)






That's all fake

That's All Fake





Kill an Angel

Kill The Angel






Times runs away

Time runs away